Ink color lineup

The color of your choice and the way you like to use it. Seasonal ink colors.

Ink lineup

32 colors
16 IZAYOI NO YUME colors, 4 TSUKUYONO MINAMO colors, 4 Amaoto colors,
4 Japanese Fairy Tales colors and 4 SANSUI colors


Bottle Ink for Fountain Pens

Cartridge Ink for Fountain Pens


*Currently, the 12 colors Shitoshito, Zaza, Harahara, Potsupotsu, Tamatebako, Kasasagi, Suberakashi, Kazakiribane, Yutsubame, Komakusa, Nadeshiko and Kamoshika are available only as bottled ink for fountain pens and cartridge ink for fountain pens.


Young nightingale heralding spring with a newly learned song.

Deep green with bluish tints like stag seaweed fluttering in the deep sea.

Sweet violets that give off a sweet fragrance in the gentle breezes of early spring.

Spring night. Petals travel down the melted snow river.

Being enticed by the dancing petals, a cherry blossom-colored forest stretches out before your eyes.

The rain falling softly and silently. Droplets of water glistening on flowers and young leaves damp and cloudy.

“Forbidden Treasure Chest” Loneliness lures Taro into opening the forbidden treasure chest, a mysterious gift from the undersea Dragon Palace.

Swallows are said to be messengers of good fortune in spring. They are a sight to see when they soar across beautiful skies at sunset.

Even the earth is scorched and dried
by the sizzling sun.

A cup of tea with accentuated astringency
to quench your midsummer thirst.

A piercingly blue sky
with not a cloud in sight.

A young girl dances gracefully
under the wisteria blossoms.

Summer night.
Bonfires ablaze on the high-tide beach.

Rain falling on the green leaves of plants and trees.
Glossy drops and lush green leaves.

Magpies flocked to the Milky Way,
becoming a bridge
for the star-crossed
lovers’ rendezvous.

Dicentra, the queen of alpine flora, is
also known as the “bleeding heart” .
Enduring an extreme climate,
they flourish gloriously,
high in the summer mountains.

The lovely flowers of the fragrant olive
exude a luxurious fragrance.

Clusters of autumn leaves weave a scarlet carpet
in the backwoods of the mountains in autumn.

A quiet night sky with
the harvest moon in mid-autumn.

Autumn night. A lake of wandering birds
with a full moon crossing over it.

A beautiful mountain bird lands
on the opposite bank of a mountain stream.

A gentle misty rain.
Tiny droplets of water dampening withered leaves and color faded fallen leaves.

“Princess’ Headdress”
Moonlight shone brightly
on the princess’ hair,
as if to welcome her return.

The dainty flowers of “Yamato-
nadeshiko” (dianthus superbus)
add elegant colors to lush fields
along crystal clear rivers.

The warmth of the sunken hearth
that soothes even the skin-piercing cold.

A sudden nighttime rainfall,
as if to tell us that winter is coming.

Winter night. Ice and frost bloom
beside the lake.

The pale shimmering snow
illuminates the stillness.

Pine needles showing signs of spring
under the weight of the snow.

Ice cold winter rain.
The freezing drops on the branches and the pre-dawn sky.

“Crane Quill”
The crane bade farewell
and spread its wings,
soaring into the snowcape.

Quiet philosopher of the forest,
the serow stands gracefully
with poise, braving
the snowscape in its winter fur.

Bottle Ink for Fountain Pens

The bottle ink, which can also be used for dipping pens, has a beautiful cap with a soothing gold color.

Comes in a small 20ml bottle. This bottle of ink can be used up with ease.

The unique shading of the ink for fountain pens is attractive.

Cartridge Ink for Fountain Pens

Cartridge ink, which can be easily used by simply inserting it into the pen, comes in an original SHIKIORI series package that resembles a book filled with various stories.

The package comes in a special plastic case, making it convenient for carrying around. After use, it can be used as a small container.

Each one is individually labeled with a color name so that the colors can be recognized even when they are separated from each other.


Twin markers in the same color as fountain pen ink are available in a total of 20 colors and are shaped to fit comfortably at the fingertip for a simple grip.

You can enjoy the same color with markers as with ink for fountain pens.
*The components are different from those of ink for fountain pens.

The brush type and the fine type are available. You can enjoy two types of character widths according to your preference.